Information regarding the Community Giving Fair and Lynchburg/Bedford Christmas Parades. As many know, the Governor recently made changes to the guidelines for gatherings in his most recent Executive Order. We have received many phone calls and emails today regarding both our upcoming Community Giving Fair and the Lynchburg and Bedford Christmas parades. After speaking with the Virginia Department of Health and Governors office, we have been told that these events DO NOT fall under the new 25 person mandate and can go on as scheduled. We have however, posted below the precautions and guidelines that we will have in place for these events to make sure we are actively able to continue to promote our businesses and community but keep you safe and healthy as well. Community Giving Fair - THIS Friday November 20th - 8am - Noon. This event will be held in the Warehouse in the lower level of Amazement Square! Please enter through the lower entrance, NOT the museum entrance. - We will be restricted to 30% capacity which would be 125 people at any given time. While I do not see that being an issue as this event stretches for 4 hours, we will be monitoring those entering and leaving to make sure we are staying within those guidelines. - Vendors will be spaced 10+ feet apart and will have tables set up with displays and info regarding their information. We ask that if there is a Non Profit that you want information on but they have more than 2 people at their booth, that you circle around to them once they free up. - Masks MUST be worn indoors at this event per guidelines and per our contract with Amazement Square. You make take your mask off/down to eat or drink coffee but all other times we ask that you please adhere to this rule. - Socializing - While the first part of this event is also hosted as our Coffee Talk we ask that groups of no more than 3 or 4 be together in any confined space and adhere to social distancing rules. We will have a large area to work with so this should not be a problem. - We will have Masks and Hand Sanitizer on hand for those that need it. Lynchburg/Bedford Parades - The Lynchburg and Bedford Parades will still happen as reverse parades at their stated locations. - Entries will be set up at least 10 feet apart. - Community participants driving thru the parade MUST stay in their vehicles and have no more than 25 people per vehicle ( LOL so don't drive a bus) - Entries will be assigned scattered times to come in and set up for the parade, this way we will not be crowding people in at one time. Applications for the Lynchburg Christmas Parade are available thru Friday November 20th. No applications will be accepted after that date.