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What if I have questions about joining?

How much is membership?

The CVABC offers two Membership Tiers that are affordable to all business types. Our Basic Membership is $125/Annually and our Premier Membership is $200/Annually. You can refer to our Benefits section of the website to see the difference in each tier.

How does the CVABC differ from a Chamber of Commerce?

The Central Virginia Business Coalition works hard to help grow and promote business owners of all types from Solopreneurs to Small/Midsize Businesses. Our focus is on keeping business owners working and referring each other but also putting your business in the forefront of the community. Supporting Local is our mission and we we work hard to make your business feel like family not just a number.

What is Coffee Talk?

Coffee Talk is an award winning Networking event offered monthly on the last Friday of each month. It is hosted by a different business owner each month and is a rolling event from 8am – 10am. It gives business owners the opportunity to pass out business cards and meet and greet.

How affordable is Digital Billboard marketing through the CVABC?

You will not find a better avenue to market your business on Digital Billboards in our area! The CVABC has a partnership with Southeastern Media which allows us to offer billboard advertising for as LOW as $150/Month!!

How would the CVABC benefit my business?

The Central Virginia Business Coalition benefits different businesses in different ways, depending on what you are looking for in your business. Advertising Benefits, Networking, Referrals, Meeting Space, Event Booths and Event Publicity, Lunch & Learn Opportunities, the list goes on. We like to meet individually with our members to find out where we can work with you and give you the best ROI for your membership dollars.


Our History

The CVABC is formally known as the Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association. Chartered in 1906, the Lynchburg RMA began helping small businesses in our area and continued it’s growth thru today where two years ago we rebranded into the Central Virginia Business Coalition due to the growth of the business types and region that we serve.
Support Local, Shop Local, Buy Local. It is the Mission of the Central Virginia Business Coalition to build a strong local economy and showcase the unique characteristics of our business community.

“Heather took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

We have been a member and a Champion Sponsor of the CVABC for several years. We immediately started to see the benefits of this group to help grow our business along with other local businesses. We are members of several groups and the CVABC is one of the few where you receive support without feeling pressured. Every member in the CVABC is helpful, resourceful, and easy to talk to. We feel like the support received in the group sales itself, and being part of the group is very beneficial. We feel comfortable using every member or business when the time comes. We are so thankful for this group and having Heather as a leader, who continues to grow and do great things.

Brandon and Dara Brown

Owners, Browns Heating & Air

When I started my business I was focused on relationships and connecting with other businesses since I was a “newbie” to the arena. The Central Virginia Business Coalition did just that for me and my business. Joining the CVABC, I had the opportunity to connect with other people, who later became friends and weren’t hesitant to refer my business to others when the opportunity arose. It is my goal to continuously support the CVABC, moving forward, in all areas of my business because I was shown the same love and support that I choose to give to my clients, my community, and most importantly my family, who all support me 100%.

Jess Chattin

CEO, SML Virtual Assistant Services



(434) 528-1732




14805 Forest Rd, Suite 107, Forest, VA 24551