EMPOWER – A Day of Encouragement & Positivity

The 4th Annual EMPOWER Women’s Seminar and Athena Award luncheon was held on May 19, 2022 at Legacy Auditorium to a room of 150 Women business leaders in our area! This year marked the remarkable return of a room full of attendees (maskless) getting to learn, grow, and cultivate their business relationships!

The day was kicked off by our First Breakout Speaker Carrie Wright with Chic-fil-A on throwing our Stones, an invitation to take a look at what may be holding you back or what might be getting in your way, while challenging your thinking to shift your perspective so you are ready to step into your passion and calling. Followed by LaShonda Brown, Local Entreprenuer, You Tuber, and Speaker who talked about Building your Business Online without Burnout! This has many women taking notes on how to make the most out of their days without being encompassed with calendars, emails, and more!

We were all quiet as our Keynote Speaker, Army Veteran and former POW Jessica Lynch took the stage and gave a harrowing story of her caravan being attached, her capture, her wounds and her rescue. Such a strong message of encouragement, strength, and will power that left many in the room in tears.

The International Athena Award was handed out during the lunch hour and the list of Nominees for both the Young Professional Athena and the Athena Award was made up of exceptional talent, leadership, and mentors in our area. We were pleased to award the Young Professional Athena Award to Kristen Breedlove with Minnies Travel Boutique and the International Athena Award to Mari White Smallshaw with WLNI / James River Media!

Our final speakers of the afternoon were vibrant and engaging. Michelle Cabell with Optimized Leadership spoke on the topic Hey, You…. Get Out of My Way! Effectively dealing with one of the biggest challenges holding us back. You guessed it, it is “Ourselves”, Lastly, we got our “Fire Ignited” by our final Speaker Bonnie Chavez with Building Beloved Communities who talked about the struggles and differences there are for women in the workplace.
A great day, surrounded by wonderful women, speakers, and Fantastic food provided by Simply Vanilla Gourmet Cheesecakes and Friends Catering!

We will see ALL of our EMPOWERED Women in 2023!!


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