MADISON HEIGHTS, Virginia, – March 11, 2019 – With our employees serving as our biggest assets, ITG is dedicated to continuously recognizing areas of growth within our company. Internal promotions are celebrated and come after employees exhibit outstanding service and dedication to our company and clients. ITG is proud to announce the promotion of two of our employees – Michael Dunn to RMM Engineer and Chad Keesee to Service Manager. As these two members of our vibrant team take on their new roles, ITG remains confident in our ability to serve our clients better each day. Scott Francis, ITG’s Director of Operations, comments on the promotions, saying, “We have a lot of great things coming for our clients and we have a lot of great things happening internally at ITG. Please join me in congratulating both of these men on their accomplishments with us at ITG.”

As the RMM Engineer, Michael Dunn will work to manage our client’s overall system health through automation. His goal is to be alerted of any issue before it affects the client’s productivity. This process includes setting up scripts and other processes to allow technicians and engineers to be more efficient in their day-to-day operations. Part of this position includes providing detailed reports to ITG’s Account Managers so they can continue to best support our clients. Michael will serve as our RMM Engineer to reduce the amount of manual work through automation and will be responsible for helping with Service Tower and Project Assignments.

After almost three years with ITG, Michael demonstrated his ability to continuously learn new things and increase his expectations for himself, our systems, and our team. Scott Francis shared about Michael, stating, “Michael Dunn has been a vital part of our operation for the past three years and we are confident that Michael will elevate this platform to an even greater level.” Michael started his career as a PC tech and graduated to managing the network infrastructure for a University. When asked what skills he has transferred into his new position, Michael shares, “The biggest skills I learned from my past is to think outside the box and come up with my own solutions, even when the resources weren’t there.” In his new position as RMM Engineer, Michael looks forward to building our RMM system to be as effective as possible for our clients and to create a way for issues to be resolved through auto-remediation. We congratulate Michael on this promotion.

As Chad Keesee celebrates his one-year anniversary at ITG, this promotion comes at the perfect time. Scott Francis states, “Over the past year, Chad has shown his ability to follow, lead, and be humbled. Most of all, he builds solid working relationships with his teammates and our clients. We are confident in his ability to take on this role.” As a Service Manager, Chad will be responsible for the day-to-day triage and assignments of our service towers and ticket labor entries. He will work directly with the project manager to ensure schedules are effective and that our clients’ NPS scores remain about 75 “World Class.” Chad will support account managers with adequate resources and is looking forward to leading his team. Chad sees the potential in others and wants to help develop and challenge them.

Chad’s background is in IT from the Army, where he served for five years on Active Duty, including two tours to Iraq. With him, Chad brings his vast knowledge of IT and leadership skills that he utilizes daily at ITG. When asked what he has learned during his time at ITG thus far, Chad shared, “I make it a personal goal of mine to learn something new every day. We are in a career where things are constantly changing, and you must be willing to change with it.” We applaud Chad on this promotion.


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