The CVABC Weekly Newsletter is an incredible opportunity for you, as a member, to get your business information out in front of a captive audience. With a readership of over 1500 people, this important membership benefit is one you can; and should use regularly. Our subscribers are not only fellow members but leaders in our community, tourism, and of others interested in local business. Our newsletter now goes out every Wednesday afternoon, submissions are accepted until noon on Tuesday.

The most frequent questions we get from members is how to submit something for the newsletter. We hope this list will help you. Of course, if you have any questions, you can email

*What Can I Submit?

You can submit an advertisement for your business, an upcoming event, information about your business, exciting news to share, or even a highlight on a particular service you offer.

*How Do I Submit It?

You can email Andrea at (by Tuesday at noon), to have it placed in that week’s newsletter. You can send ads early just make sure and specify with the newsletter date you would like to have it posted.

*What Format Is Best to Send?

The easiest format is a JPG or a PNG (so a picture format), if you have a PDF and need to convert it you can use this website PDF to JPG: Convert PDFs to images free online | Adobe Acrobat to do that very easily. If you have something on a social media site, you would like to send you can save it as a photo and send it or take a screenshot and email that photo.

*What Else Do You Need?

We need a link to add to it. So, an HTTPS:// or www dot something that will send people to your website, social media account, event page, or sign-up you want people to go to. Our newsletter aims to promote OUR MEMBERS – YOU, so we want your ad to go back to YOU.

*How Long Does My AD Run?

Your ad will run for 2 weeks and then be taken off. So, if you have an upcoming event you want to promote think about sending it to us 3 weeks before (if there is signup), or 2 weeks before if it is an open event.

*Any More Advice?

We have new subscribers weekly, don’t assume everyone already knows who you are or what you do. If you just send a picture with no information, it won’t make an impact like an informative ad would. If you are unsure how to make an ad for the newsletter, there are free programs like or email the picture and what you want to say with it, and don’t forget your link.

*Some Ideas What to Post:

  • Change it up – don’t always post the same thing (different pictures)
  • Add some trivia about you or your business (the more interesting the better)
  • Highlight an employee – introduce us to your staff
  • Create a special just for CVABC members
  • Show us your pets, kids, or grandkids (people love pictures like that)
  • Collaborate with a non-profit member and collect something they need
  • Share a quote that relates to your business
  • The possibilities are endless

**One More Thing:

As close to perfect as we want to be, we do make mistakes. If we miss an ad that was supposed to go in, let us know. We will do our best to make it right. Just like you, we are a business too and we strive to do our best and learn from our mistakes. We are here for you!

Here’s an example of a great AD for the newsletter

  • Colorful, eye-catching
  • Clear wording, big font
  • Contact information included in the ad

Remember to include a www so our readers can click on the ad and go right to you