Our Gems Teams

Yasmin Edwards

Yasmin Edwards – Alarm Guru

Cindy Bryant

CINDY BRYANT is the Underwriting Representative for Spirit FM.  Your Encouraging Spirit FM serves portions of three states, VA, WV and NC. Cindy’s passion for the station is so apparent!  She travels on a regular basis to fulfill her very important role at the station.  That’s right, it’s not just DJ’s that have important roles in radio.  Cindy feels privileged to travel around meeting with potential business Impact Partners to paint a picture of the ministry of Spirit FM, building relationships and sharing how the station can be “Good for Business.”  Of course, during her travels, she gets to have coffee or lunch with their existing partners to further deepen those relationships.  After all, Cindy says, “Spirit FM isn’t just another radio station, we are a ministry doing radio.  Radio is the outlet God has given us to share His truth and love feels she has found her calling, her place to serve others, at Spirit FM.

Erin Harre

ERIN HARRE, owner of the Grinnin’ Booth.

Rhonda Holt

RHONDA HOLT, Mortgage Loan Office with Summit Mortgage.

Jean Miller

Jean Miller – Alarm Guru

Heidi Reynolds

HEIDI REYNOLDS is the owner of Hill City Mom Media, a boutique communications agency that specializes in social media management. After years of working and gleaning valuable experience in corporate America and a local municipality, I took some time off to start my precious family.  I knew eventually I would return to work so I stayed in continuing education focusing on social media marketing. Once the littles started their full time education I returned taking on one client which turned into two, then three and so on… Hill City Mom Media has developed into a wonderful opportunity for me to serve and partner with local small businesses in my community. For many small businesses owners, making time to actively engage consistently on social media means time away from the priority revenue portion of their business. Hill City Mom Media works in line with each client’s marketing strategy and branding developing a social media plan and then it’s execution to complement their business and get them engaged with their existing customers while generating new relationships and establishing trust with their targeted audience.  Offering competitive and affordable packages, delegating the management of social media presence is the smart choice. Hill City Mom Media – Let’s get social!

Beth Schrock

BETH SCHROCK has been a Premier Designs Jewelry Stylist since December 2001.  During that time, I’ve given away $146,148 in FREE jewelry, done over 800 jewelry shows, paid off debt that I accrued in college and paid for fertility treatments with the money I earned, gone on MANY FREE trips, was able to leave my full-time teaching career of 9 years to do Premier full-time & have become a leader in my company.  My job is to help women feel good about themselves, help them update their wardrobe without spending a lot of money on new clothes, and to bless every life I come in contact with.  I currently have 27 ladies on my team that I mentor and help in their businesses.  I do trainings each month for my team, as well as work one on one.   I run my Premier Designs jewelry business so I can stay at home with my 2 daughters, ages 6 years and 19 months.

Tina Miller

Tina Miller – Tupperware

Neli Anderson

Neli Anderson – W31, INC.

Kirsten Becker

Kirsten Becker – West Willow Publishing

Jackie Hendrix

Jackie Hendrix – AFLAC

Victoria Watts

Victoria Watts – AFLACLet’s Talk Fashion

Allison Szuba

Allison Szuba – Adult Care Center

Ann Coghill

Ann Coghill – Block Advisors

Ann Coghill

Ann Coghill – Block Advisors

Kris Doswell

Kris Doswell – Beacon Credit Union

Carol Patterson

Carol Patterson – Century 21

What are GEMS?

GEMS are just what the name implies… real GEMS!  The acronym stands for GIVING EFFECTIVE MEMBER SERVICE and our GEMS team represents CVABC well.

Created in April 2010, our GEMS volunteers are meeting a critical need for our organization. We want to ensure that CVABC is making an impact in our community, both with our member services through the Coalition, and with our desire to serve the non-profit arena through our Foundation.

Being a small staff, we sometimes need help.  GEMS commit to assisting with two events for each year that they sign on.  Since starting this program, our GEMS have served us well, a true testament of their willingness to serve, support, and assist with those needs.  They are an extension of CVABC and allow us to broaden our scope of help for our members.  Meet our 2017 Elite Group of Volunteers… our GEMS….