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The Central Virginia Business Coalition finished the first quarter of 2022 hosting two events in April, both of which supported two very important causes!   The past two years our area and economy has been suffering from a lack of staffing.    Businesses are struggling to stay open and struggling to pay bills, not so much because the community isn’t supportive but because they are unable to properly staff their businesses during their normal business hours.   We are consistently seeing “Closing Early” due to staffing issues posted on front doors of stores, windows of drive-thrus and on social media.     April 12, 2022 the CVABC did our part to help connect Job seekers with Employers by offering our Career Connections Job Fair at the Hilton Garden Inn, Lynchburg.  We had over 15 employers from Health care to Hotel Management, IT, to Electrical set up to talk with prospective applicants.      While the day wasn’t extremely busy with Job Seekers, we did see interested parties come out and were able see a candidate be hired on the spot for one employer!    The CVABC will continue to work with businesses in our area to grow these opportunities.  

We also held our CVABC Open Putt Putt Tournament to raise money for Vocational /Trade Schools in our area!   Many students are going towards the trade route in our area instead of the traditional 4-year college and with our Sponsor Pool Foolin we partnered with Putt Putt to put together a fun event to raise money for the Derek James Hamlet Memorial Scholarship.    This scholarship will help a student with a full scholarship towards the Build Smart Institute in Roanoke, VA.    We had double the participation for our second year event and look forward to this continuing to grow each year. 


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