Why Should You “CVABC”?

The Central Virginia Business Coalition isn’t technically a Verb, but the tag line sounded cool!!! However, by being a Sponsor, Member, Volunteer, or Vendor with the CVABC you are helping to support your local community and our Mission of Buying Local, Supporting Local!! We take pride in the fact that we support our business community wholeheartedly and this includes Entrepreneurs, Artisans, and Non-Profit organizations.

Investing in us, is investing in yourself, in your neighbor, in the economy you hope your kids will grow up and thrive in!

So, why SHOULD you “CVABC”? 



With over 20 Networking events a year, the CVABC gives you the opportunity to learn more about others, to grow your network, and showcase your business to unknown clients.



When you “CVABC” you open a Co-op Marketing door that you will not be able to find anywhere else. From Digital Billboard advertising, Television, Magazine, and even Radio & Podcasts the opportunities to promote yourself at a much lower cost is at your fingertips.



The CVABC runs 10 Major Events in our Region each year from Christmas Parades, to Festivals, Band Concerts, Expos, and Seminars there is always something for everyone! These events don’t just offer you a business to business relationship but opens up the doors to the community as well.



 If none of the other bullet points attract you then this one should. The CVABC is here to build relationships with our members. You are not a number, we strive to get to know the person, the family behind the business and you will find out that our members do too!

Over 530 Local businesses “CVABC”…… You should too!!!


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